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Marriage Certificate Registration
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Arya Samaj Marriage Registration

Shravan Consultants offers Arya Samaj Marriage Registration services. We provide expert guidance and support for couples wishing to have an Arya Samaj wedding, ensuring proper documentation and a smooth registration process. Contact us for more information.

Documents Required

  • Address Proof Both Aadhar
  • Both Ssc Certificates Or Passports
  • 6 Both Passport Size Photographs
  • 4 Witness Persons Aadhar
  • 1 Passport Size Photographs

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Simplifying the Legal Process with Shravan Consultants

Shravan Consultants offer various types of marriage registrations, including Hindu, Court, Inter-Religion, Tatkal, Arya Samaj, Christian, Muslim, and Love marriages.

Yes, Shravan Consultants specialize in inter-religion marriage registration and provide guidance on the required documentation and legal procedures.

The documents required for marriage registration typically include identification proof, age proof, address proof, marriage invitation card, marriage declaration form, and photographs of the couple. Sravan Consultants can provide specific guidance based on your case.

The time required for marriage registration can vary depending on factors such as jurisdiction and completeness of documents. Sravan Consultants can provide an estimated timeline based on your specific circumstances.

Yes, Shravan Consultants specialize in tatkal marriage registrations and can expedite the process for couples in urgent need of registration. They provide prompt assistance with paperwork and legal formalities.

The fees charged by Sravan Consultants may vary depending on the type of marriage registration and the scope of their assistance. It’s recommended to discuss fees and payment terms directly with them.

Yes, Shravan Consultants offer remote services through online platforms, allowing clients to avail their assistance regardless of their location. However, some procedures may require physical presence as per local regulations.

Yes, Shravan Consultants ensure that all the necessary legal procedures are followed, making the marriage registrations legally recognized by the relevant authorities.

Documents For Hindu Marriage Registration


      1. For Address Proofs Both Aadhars Borh Passport

      2. Age Proofs Both Ssc Certificates Or Passports

      3. Wedding Card / 3 Marriage Photographs / 3 Witness Persons                       Aadhar’s

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